Our fleet of “large taxis to the airport. (” מוניות גדולות לשדה התעופה) are a convenience.

A transport in taxi to Ben-Gurion Airport (מונית לנתב”ג) guarantees you to be on time. Thanks to our knowledge of the roads, large taxi to disk (מוניות-גדולות-לנתבג) drivers will take you on the roads where there is less traffic so that you arrive on time to your destination. The “big taxis to the airport (” מוניות גדולות לשדה התעופה) will be quick and efficient to drive to the airport and save you the stress of missing your flight. Sitting in the back seat of one of our high-end cars, you will travel with confidence and will be ready to embark.

The professional drivers utilised by our luxurious taxi hire and reserving company tend to be discreet and high in the performance of their duties. Trust them to respect your current privacy and get away from disclosing any kind of information about you or the people that accompany you and your nature of your respective activities.

The service citrus Taxi is a quality transport service. No doubt you will appreciate the kindness and courtesy of the driver who will show you all the respect you are due to travel in one of our “taxi to Ben-Gurion Airport” (“מונית לנתב”ג”) and not only that, we also offer services From the airport, our competent driver will take care of your luggage and the opening and closing of the door behind you.
If asked for, your exclusive driver will likely inform you in regards to the local methods and lifestyle of the area, may also touch upon the choice of a specific road, dodge potholes, has intensive knowledge in road emergencies (engine failing or pierce), expert while looking and obtaining a parking space, and also responsible for the constant maintenance of the car.

Our team consists of multilingual professional drivers with the necessary skills to provide an impeccable service of “large taxis to the airport. (” מוניות גדולות לשדה התעופה). We make a point of honor for everything that is attractive to the needs and requirements of our customers. We show professionalism and discretion for each of them.

All our vehicles are equipped with an electronic digital tablet, that may allow you to hook up to our wireless network. You will also have the opportunity to check on your e-mail container or work on your different projects on your trip. A charger can be obtained for your smart phone and / or laptop computer.

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