Properly prepare a declaration of small claims (תביעה טנה)?

If you need to report a legal declare with a individual for a non-adequate fix to your car or for an adjustment that you do not take into account fair from the rent where your home is or as you were presented a inaccurate offer of an tourism package or simply simply because you received the defective product or a product that you did not obtain; and if you are in Israel and that declare does not exceed the NIS 33,900 then you definitely must go to any Small Claims (תביעות קטנות ) Court and enter your claim.

But in these cases you cannot be represented by a lawyer, then properly prepare a declaration of small claims (תביעה טנה) in the most robust way possible to experience a high potential for success within the trial you are engaging.

However, not all of us all have the power to make a authorized declaration file where we must take into account the details of true, photographic facts and files that keep the statement you create.

This is where it really is highly relevant to possess a specialized tiny claims centre where we have remarkably qualified employees to help you prepare your statement.

Check out our web site, and that means you can get all the information you need to ensure that we can come together on your assertion.

We will not represent it, we elaborate a technical statement, robust and well polished, we handle the appendices of the case and we make the small claims filing (הגשת תביעה קטנה) before the competent court for the case that you are presenting.

We provide the very best service to build a robust along with systematic report with all the evidence to save the actual valuable time within bureaucratic procedures regarding state process of law. Do not waste your sources and go straight to the actual, without coping with the bureaucracy of the court system.

Get into your boasts in the most reliable and effective method, with the proper professional operations, which prepares all your papers for desire with profitable results.

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